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Photo: © Tilbury on Thames Trust

The Thames is a brand recognised throughout the world.

For centuries the river has connected the capital to countryside and coast of North Kent and South Essex. It powers international trade, supports burgeoning communities and fires artists’ imaginations – but its story stretches far beyond the limits of London and the Estuary.

Our region is increasingly becoming a focal point in national conversations as a place of enormous potential for economic growth and prosperity.

Working with our partners in London, we are developing a shared identity for the Thames Estuary with culture and the creative economy as the linchpin.

With the support of the Cultural Development Fund, we have the means to shape and develop our infrastructure, boost production capacity, catalyse talent development and drive innovation across the region. On the ground, our festivals and cross-partner collaborations will raise our profile and build confidence within our communities.

Through our programme of research, development, production and creative activity, we will maximise the role of culture in our region’s growth.