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The Knights Academy of Music and Performing Arts play to local residents at the 'Fresh-tival' February 2019. © EDC


The Thames Estuary is powered by its people; audiences, artists, producers, participants, learners and future leaders.

As a place of arrivals and departures for hundreds of years, we are a region whose success is built on our diversity.

Creative Estuary is raising the voices and stories of our communities as we position the area as a vibrant new hub for cultural growth and employment. The creative people living, working and learning along the Estuary are at the heart of our narrative, and we will open up more creative production, new career paths and cultural opportunities for all.

Despite our rich heritage, our residents are less likely to enter creative employment than similar regions in the UK. Through our work, the creative industries will be a more visible employment choice across the Estuary; our people will have access to more creative skills training, education and careers and we will support organisations to source the skilled workforce they need.

Through new pro-active networks of research and creative industry partners, our cultural entrepreneurs will be supported to develop collaborative working practice that champions innovation and diversification.

Working with the people of the Estuary, we will find new solutions to strengthen our communities and create a cohort of leaders to grow and amplify cultural activity in our places.